Wine-Book Wednesdays: David Mack

I think most people in comics know David Mack for one of two things. Either they’ve never met him, in which case it’s his gorgeous painted art in books like Kabuki and Daredevil. Or, they have met him, in which case it’s the urge to try and bounce quarters off of his chest, which is forever encased in a form-fitting black t-shirt.

(What can I say? Really buff, attractive comic artists are rare. Ones as nice as David Mack, doubly so. And seriously, the number of men and women of all sexualities who have commented on his physique is pretty darn high.)

At any rate, David Mack’s Kabuki is his life work, and his paintings and mixed-media creations are jaw-dropping in their grace and minute details. And generally speaking, when you get a sketch from him it’s of one of the characters from Kabuki. So with that in mind, I remember being amazed that he went in an entirely different direction for the wine book. (Friends later commented that they’d never seen a non-Kabuki sketch from David Mack. I suspect these days he probably also draws his creation Echo from Daredevil, but you never know.) And while I love all of the pieces of art in my book, I will give the rare comment here that this is truly one of my favorites.

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