Wine-Book Wednesdays: Pam Bliss

I don’t think one could come up with a definitive list of “the friendliest people in comics” because it would be fairly huge (it’s an industry full of great people), but if one tried, Pam Bliss would absolutely be somewhere near the top.

Pam Bliss’s mini-comics are usually full of children, dogs, and just about anyone else who’s full of joy. (I shudder to think of even the idea of a grim-and-gritty Pam Bliss comic. It just couldn’t happen!) At conventions, she’ll offer to draw a picture of your dog if you provide a picture, which just sums her up right there, really.

So with that in mind, I shouldn’t have been surprised that her contribution included a dog. But she was absolutely right in selecting just what the good things in life are, here.

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