Wine-Book Wednesdays: Scott Morse

I’m not even sure I can really begin to sum up the amazing talent that is Scott Morse, here. When he first appeared on the comic book scene with his book Soulwind (back when he was still C.S. Morse), it was a beautiful, contemplative work about swords and aliens and small boys and zen. Since then he’s done things in every genre imaginable and then some. He also creates animation for Pixar these days, with former stints at Disney and Cartoon Network.

If that’s not enough, he’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Thoughtful, kind, always ready to lend an ear. I have really fond memories of the post-Ignatz Awards party from SPX 2004 of having drunkenly rambled to him about some relationship problems and him just nodding sagely and offering advice and being supportive. The number of people (of all genders) who have a crush on him is understandable.

One of his more recent projects at the time was a comic called Magic Pickle, about… well… a pickle created through experiments that has all sorts of super powers and fights other evil vegetables with the help of the little girl who lives in the house atop his secret lair. (The original comic just was republished by Scholastic, plus two more prose books with spot-illustrations from Morse hit stores as well.)

So to say that a sketch about wine was perfect for Scott was, well, an understatement. This one still makes me laugh, in a good way.

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