Down to Earth

Charlie and I went and saw WALL-E on Sunday night and it was, well, as great as everyone said it was. This is a movie I’d actually want to see in the theatre again (although movies are so darn expensive these days, who knows); just beautiful in both animation and story. And if that wasn’t enough, the super-fantastic Scott Morse designed the closing credits, which were beautiful and had a new song by Peter Gabriel (“Down to Earth”) playing over them. And I freely admit that I have listened to said song over a dozen times in the past 24 hours.

Obsessive? Me? Oh no.

I also found out this weekend (or was reminded of after I’d forgotten) that the Ellipse Arts Center in Arlington is having a six-week exhibition starting in August showcasing art from Arlington residents. The day one has to drop off the art is Thursday, so it’d have to be something that I showed in Artomatic. What’s nice is that the Center handles sales (for a percentage of the asking price), and it would certainly be nice to sell another piece. I didn’t come even close to breaking even at Artomatic; I wasn’t expecting to come out ahead, but I was certainly hoping to do so. When the show was over, I went home with all but two of the 5×5″s (that a nice gentleman in Falls Church bought), and one piece that Charlie had said he wanted and which I gave to him.

On the bright side, though, it certainly made me think a lot more about what I would do differently next time (a lot); presentation and selection and print size choices certainly had a lot to do with it. Glad I learned (or at least I think I did), but it would’ve been nice to have some of the costs offset.

Ah well! I’ve been having fun taking the new camera to the farmer’s market (as people who look at my Flickr account have no doubt seen) and I figure I’ve got a few more sessions to go there as the summer progresses. I like to imagine having a huge kitchen with which I could use some of those photos to decorate. One of these days, right?

Oops, American Gladiators is on. And such is my life, these days…

2 thoughts on “Down to Earth

  1. Susan says:

    If you move to Madison right now, you could totally afford to guy a house. I know Sharon would let you work from here!

    We are really looking forward to seeing WALL-E.

    Congrats on selling your work! Love to hear what more you learned about sizes and display.

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