No, I’m Not Going to Comic-Con

Earlier this week I had a dream about Comic-Con out in San Diego.

Karon and I had shown up to check into our room at the hotel, except the hotel had run out of rooms ages ago. So instead, everyone was being assigned a space on the hotel lobby floor where a sleeping bag was set up for us. And we didn’t even bat an eye, because that level of too-many-people insanity just seemed normal in a show that draws over 100,000 people each day.

And that is why I’m not going to Comic-Con. Sorry.

(Smell some rancid sweat and pay $15 for a bottle of water for me, though!)

4 thoughts on “No, I’m Not Going to Comic-Con

  1. Terry says:

    I saw this title in Google Reader before I went to bed last night and for some strange reason it made an appearance in my dream last night.

    I was going somewhere (not Comic-Con) and I passed by the place (in my dream) where Comic-Con was being held and I thought… “Greg’s not there”

    very strange.

  2. Marion Bartoli says:

    Well, you may not be Comic-con, which will make me sad. But you ARE super cute. That Charlie is very lucky to have such a cute boyfriend.

  3. Susan says:

    OK, when I saw Orson Scott Card was there I almost cried. I would love to meet that guy! So intriguing…

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