As part of work today, Julie and I got to head over to where we’re having our office holiday party and try some of their “holiday specialty” dishes. (Rough life, I know.) One of the foods we were offered was a crusted lamb chop, which was fantastic.

When we got back to the office, though, Julie suspected that it might not fly with the rest of the company. At first I was a little mystified. It’s not like it’s veal, after all, right? Then Laura pointed out that a lot of people in general don’t eat lamb and never have. Julie volunteered that she’d only had it for the first time a year ago.

So now, I’m curious… and am going to try and set a poll up using Have you eaten lamb before? When? Or if not, why? (Let’s see if this works!)

4 thoughts on “Lamb

  1. Stuart says:

    Maybe it’s a British thing – we eat basically everything after all – but it would never cross my mind not to eat lamb on moral grounds.

    I don’t eat it very often because I find the taste a little tart, but I’ve not moral qualms about it at all.

  2. Matt says:

    Lamb, garlic, mint sauce, jacket potatoes = Yum!

  3. Catarina Lindqvist says:

    Baby sheep are for filling infants’ dreams with billowy clouds of cuteness and nuzzling toddlers in sweet fields of corn flowers, not for eating.

  4. Fortunately, Catarina Lindqvist aside, us right-minded people seem to agree. Lamb is delicious.

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