One-Two Punch

I really do have to laugh at myself sometimes, you know. For instance, once I’d fully woken up this morning and looked at the two dreams I had… or rather, nightmares.

The first one had everything going wrong at SPX (this weekend!), the second one involved disasters involving running. Hmmm, I wonder what’s been on my mind? I don’t think it’s any small coincidence, mind you, that after work yesterday involved an 8-mile run, and then putting the finishing touches on the PowerPoint file for the Ignatz Awards. (And seriously, those two things were all I did after work yesterday, aside from a little bit of reading before bed.)

I look forward to SPX every year, but as always I will be a little glad when it is gone. I suspect the same will as always be true about the Philly Marathon, too…

Until then, I am going to concentrate on nice, relaxing things. Perhaps imagine that I own a house at Woods Hole on Cape Cod. That would be nice right about now. Just relaxing in my beautiful home. Staring at the boats and the water. Ahhhhh…

Woods Hole

Cavalcade of Boats

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