Sound-Effect Bonanza

And now, actual sound-effects from the latest issue of The Incredible Hercules (issue #122, to be precise), from Marvel Comics.

Saying that this book doesn’t take itself terribly seriously (and is more than a bit tongue-in-cheek) is, as you’ll quickly discover, the understatement of the century. Boy, is this book fantastic.

  • Kasploooom!
  • Skrrakkkabadooom!
  • Crakkajamma!
  • Sploingbrraahhhm
  • Shrakwash!
  • Skrim! Skraam!
  • Shakaaam!
  • Schmackooom!
  • Gwap!
  • Frmrrrl
  • Aqwooooommm
  • Splurrrgoi
  • Lqwwwrrrggh
  • Kakkakkraakk
  • Obrrrrg!
  • Unlrrqq!

Oh, how I love this comic.

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