No Run For Me Today

Well, the plan was to get up this morning and hit my last long run before the Philadelphia Marathon; something in the 20-23 mile range. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day out to boot, and I have to say I was genuinely looking forward to it.

Except… well… on Thursday when I went for my run, I took a slight misstep at one point and my right foot went perpendicular to the ground; you know, that moment where suddenly your foot has rotated over 90 degrees and your ankle says, “Please stop that right now!” I immediately recovered and kept going (I’ve done that a thousand times before!) and I figured that was that.

Well, I noticed at the office on Friday afternoon that the right side of my ankle was starting to hurt a little bit. Uh oh. And it kept hurting for the rest of the day. So, when I got up this morning and it was still hurting? I regretfully decided to scratch the run. 20+ miles on an achy ankle just seems like a stupid plan. So now I’m going to play it by ear. If it’s fine tomorrow I might tackle it then. Or I can do it next weekend (I should be fine with just a two-week taper if I have to), and really give myself a lot of extra healing time. For that matter, on Election Day I’ve been looking into volunteering possibilities, so maybe I could take care of it before that begins. We’ll see.

The irony of this happening right as I finally revamped my old, outdated MarathonGreg website is not lost on me, incidentally. (Some of the content still needs to be moved over—a small selection of photographs for starters!—but I’d say it’s about 90% done.) Ah well.

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