Getting Far Too Excited

I am definitely getting excited about my upcoming community-supported agriculture share. Perhaps a little too excited. But what can I say? I love the idea of having fresh vegetables delivered automatically every week. I love that the money is going to a local business. And I love getting their newsletter with random little tidbits like this:

We are currently planting herbs in the green house and this year will have an eco-friendly and unique way to send you fresh herbs. All the herbs you receive will be in a bio-degradable earth friendly container which, with a little extra care, will allow you to keep growing the herbs!

Seriously, how cute is that?

Thanks to their newsletter archive online, I know that last year’s first shipment had asparagus, strawberries, kale, spring onions, and basil. 2007’s didn’t have basil or asparagus, but did have mint sprigs. What will 2009 hold? Well, aside from a lot of eating, of course.

Also, I went for a second swim this morning with Julie and Laura. They start their swim class next Monday, and I’ve got an 8:30am meeting then, so Mondays with them will be out for a while. This time I used an extra pair of Julie’s goggles and yes, I am sold. I will buy a pair ASAP. (Plus I still need to get my information from the eye doctor so that I can order a pair of prescription goggles.) And my strained tendon has stopped being even a tiny bit sore, which is a big relief. Good, good times on that front.

The first shipment last year

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