“The stormmaker says it ain’t so bad…”

After going to the gym this evening (I’ve missed you too, rowing machine), I was confronted by rain… Well, make that a downpour. And rumbles of thunder in the distance. Oh, great, I thought. They’d been predicting storms for the afternoon, and it looked like they were arriving a bit late.

But I was already sweaty and gross, so if I could just keep my iPod from getting drenched it was no big deal. After stalling for a minute or two, and tucking headphones and iPod into a shorts pocket as best I could, I sprinted through the rain. Someone ran by me in the opposite direction, running shoes in one hand and sqeulching along in flip-flops, a big grin on his face. I smiled back, dodging streams of mulch residue finally made to the car.

It was about ten feet away from the car that I noticed the direction I was running had utterly clear skies, even as the rain continued to come down in buckets all around me. That’s odd. I’d wisely put the keys in my hand before heading out the door, and I jumped into the car and pulled the door shut behind me.

The rain instantly stopped.

Not a slow lessening, or a shift to a drizzle. One second, rain so strong it was hard to see. The next second, gone.

I probably laughed for a good two minutes before starting up the car and driving home, waving to everyone now leaving the gym nice and dry.

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