No Super Powers (yet)

While training for the Columbia Triathlon, earlier in May I was feeling some soreness on the right side of my knee when I was cycling. While running or swimming it didn’t bother me, but cycling did something not quite right to that muscle. I chalked it up to not being used to biking for that distance (it was after all much farther than I’d ever pedaled before), iced it and took some anti-inflammatories, and didn’t worry.

Post-triathlon, though, it was still bugging me, so I took some time off from even my spinning class to let it get back to normal. After yesterday’s rowing machine session started bothering it (clearly it depends on just how much it bends, since rowing and cycling bend the knee much more), though, I mentioned it to my doctor today. Next thing I knew, after work today I was getting an x-ray at Virginia Hospital Center. (Weekdays at 6pm? No waiting for an x-ray.)

Tragically? So far as I can tell, I have not yet developed super powers as a direct result of the x-ray. I’m always a tiny bit disappointed on that front. I think comic books lied to me over the years. Hmph. (I’ll let you know if it turns out to be anything serious. I’ve also got some PT scheduled for starting next week to strengthen the muscle since it’s probably just a bad strain. But we shall see.)

3 thoughts on “No Super Powers (yet)

  1. Susan says:

    I hope it’s nothing but being “loved” too hard, Greg! Perhaps they are subtly accumulating, those superpowers…

  2. Dave says:

    See I always knew this exercise thing was a bad idea…

    Hope it’s all okay!

  3. Thanks! I don’t think it’s anything serious — the fact that it doesn’t bother me while running is a good sign — but better safe than sorry, right?

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