Just a quick knee update; had the first physical therapy session today and it looks like it’s just something that needs to be strengthened more than anything else.

That said? I’d forgotten how things that look awfully simple end up being harder than one imagined. I’d say that the people at the gym are going to get a good chuckle with me doing my squats or curls, but let’s face it, if you’re at the gym  you know how easily these things can kick your butt. (And part of why I like going to the TJ Community Center is the lack of judgmental people there.)

On an utterly different note, I am determined that this week I will finally dig everything out of the kitchen cabinets underneath the bar/countertop and re-arrange. It’s been in progress since… um… December. It would be nice to have that countertop back into something usable again. Fingers crossed.

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