Gorgeous Weather

Days like today are my absolute favorite, in terms of weather. Low humidity, the temperature isn’t supposed to get above 80 degrees, and while it’s sunny there are still clouds in the sky. I’d love to have this year round. (Yes, I know: move to San Diego.) Even though I’d run last night after work I did so again this morning just to take advantage of the great weather. (Between two runs in 24 hours, plus PT this morning, I’ve been unable to stop yawning this afternoon.)

Of course, once the weekend arrives the temperature and humidity are both supposed to rise, but until then I’m going to be loving it. As it is I’m tenatively planning to try and hit the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on Saturday, and to pull the camera out and dust it off. After working on a self-portrait-a-day series last year, I slightly burnt out on photography and took some time off. Over the past week or two I’ve started to miss it, though, and that means that the rest period should come to an end. We’ll see how long I last before deciding I don’t want to bake any more.

Finally resumed reading Poppy Z. Brite’s Second Line, which collects two short novels about chefs G-Man and Rickey, the stars of Liquor, Prime, and Soul Kitchen. I’ve only read Liquor but I adored it, reading about their attempt to start their own restaurant in New Orleans and using the theme of alcohol in all of their dishes. I’ve been meaning to read the other books for a while, and now that I’m about a third of the way through Second Line I’m pushing the other books up to the top of the to-read list.

Oh, still no progress on my kitchen reorganization, but the week isn’t over yet.

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