Home Again

Last weekend, Charlie and I took a couple of days off and headed up to see some friends and go out to their family home in Sag Harbor. It was a great trip; nice food, good friends, a whole lot of doing nothing. Aside from running a 12-miler on Saturday morning, there really wasn’t lot of effort pushed into anything, which is exactly what I had hoped for. It’s weekends like that where I dream about being fabulously wealthy and living a life of luxury. I suppose it wouldn’t be quite as exciting if I got it all the time. But you never know. I’m willing to take that chance.

Only real disappointment was that I forgot to ever take my camera into town, which is a shame because there were several great photo opportunities along the way. *sigh* So I have almost nothing to share but a few pictures from around the house.

But it was a lovely trip. I kind of wish I was still sitting by the pool and reading a book, or browsing through crazy litle stores. Until next time, certainly.

Sag Harbor Cove



Final Night's Champagne

Important Lesson

Don’t accidentally leave a mini-watermelon on your counter Thursday morning, before leaving for four days and having turned up the air conditioner to 82 degrees. It’ll cave in during your absence and ooze liquid all over your counter, somehow looking like a crime scene in an R-rated movie. The smell is distinctly not good, too.

I’ll spare you the photos because even I couldn’t bear snapping a shot of the yuck.

Summer Harvest

One of the best things about summer, I’ve decided, is the sudden bounty of fresh local vegetables. I needed to use some of the remnants of this week’s CSA share, but was feeling uninspired. Ended up just cutting up a couple of squash, a white onion, and half a pint of yellow cherry tomatoes. Dumped them on a pan, put a few drops of red chili oil on top of them, some fresh ground salt and pepper, and roasted them in the oven.

It’s amazing how good veggies that were picked just a few days ago that never had to be frozen will taste in a situation like this. Ahhhh. Summer, you’re not so bad after all. I almost (but not quite) forgive you for those 100+ degree days last month.

If I Could Sing, I Would Want To Sound Like This

Last weekend’s This American Life played a new single by Cee Lo Green over the closing credits, “Georgia.” (The entire episode, incidentally, was fantastic: a series of stories about different interesting people they encounted in small towns within Georgia.) And there was something about Cee Lo’s voice that… well… yeah, I think I must have listened to the snippit about 20 times.

Today I sat down and finally figured out who it was, then bought the digital single from Amazon. It’s going to be on his upcoming album Lady Killer, and if the entire album is in this style? I’m buying it, absolutely. Just listen to his voice and bask in its greatness.