Things I Will Miss About Arlington

Obviously I am super-excited about moving into the Takoma neighborhood of DC, and more importantly moving in with Charlie, and I’m looking forward to it a great deal.

But there are things I will miss about Arlington. Namely…

  • Carvel’s amazing soft serve ice cream
  • Pio Pio’s Peruvian style chicken and rice (and just around the corner, El Pollo Rico with their chicken, fries, and cole slaw deal)
  • Whitlow’s brunch buffet, especially the fried chicken and waffles (although the mac and cheese is a close second)
  • TJ Rec Center’s amazing Wednesday night spin class (but I do have a few more months, and I’m going to see if I can still continue it beyond that!)
  • All of the cosy and cute houses I see on my jog down Pershing Street
  • Container Store! Container Store! Container Store!
  • Ten-Barton Community Garden next to my apartment complex
  • Two great bike stores just around the corner (Revolution and Conte’s)
  • The annual Arlington Tour des Bibliothéques
  • Living around the corner from Karon, Steve, and Britt
  • A ridiculously short commute to work
  • Living somewhere that offers FiOS for my television/internet
  • Guajillo’s chocolate flan
  • Ray’s Hell Burger being just a short walk away

Now with all that in mind? I’m dying to find all the things around the corner in our new home that I’ll learn to love, too. And I’ll still see the friends that won’t be quite so near, of course. Knock on wood, closing in one month!

3 thoughts on “Things I Will Miss About Arlington

  1. Susan says:

    So very excited for you, and I know you will live it to the fullest. Virginia will be the lesser, but you know that.

    Can’t wait to see Charlie…

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