Things I Will NOT Miss About Arlington

And now, a follow up to the previous post… because I feel like I should make something clear.

I love Arlington, it is awesome, I affectionately call it the People’s Republic of Arlington.


There are things that I will not miss about living in my current apartment. Not one bit. Such as…

  • The apartment complex maintenance crew which half the time seems unable to fix anything.
  • That horrible ice cream truck that plays a song over and over again involving animal noises and a creepy child voice saying, “Hello!” at the end. I am pretty sure if I ever end up in Hell it will involve this song.
  • Caught in Traffic [365portraits: 099]Rosslyn during rush hour, and inching through traffic to go not even half a mile. (It’s great for the purpose of self-portraits, but other than that…)
  • The thirty-seven thousand Irish-themed bars (which is a shame because Ireland’s Four Courts is great, but the Irish invasion has been a bit much).
  • The narrow streets that often make me back up half a block so a car coming in the other direction can pass.
  • The perpetual, never-ending construction.
  • Route 50. Doubly so with the road work that took over a year to finish just outside my apartment, and the next phase which is beginning shortly.
  • That one kid who plays outside my kitchen window that shrieks so loudly that it makes my ear drums want to explode and die.
  • Having a first-floor bedroom window next to a courtyard where people think nothing twice about standing outside of it at 2am and talking extremely loudly.
  • Seeing another cute business getting torn down for multi-million dollar condos. (Full disclosure: if I could afford a multi-million dollar condo I might not be so down on this.)

Not going to miss any of those things one bit. Especially the ice cream truck. I am pretty sure almost six years of that horrible ice cream truck song is punishment for something I did a long time ago. And whatever it was, it must have been particularly dreadful.

2 thoughts on “Things I Will NOT Miss About Arlington

  1. Bob Perrino says:

    Construction on the bridge at Rt. 50 and Glebe Rd. starts soon!!!! That is going to be one hairy mess.

  2. I’m just happy to be escaping the upcoming (two-year!) construction project at the intersection of Route 50 and 10th Street. It needs to be done (among other things they’re going to add an exit onto 10th Street for those heading eastbound) but oh, what a nightmare that will be…

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